J. O’Keefe, children’s book author of the Self Discovery Series for Kids, enjoys creating simple, catchy rhymes combined with powerful words and images, giving children a creative, internal, loving guide to self discovery. Her books flow from her life as a mother, teacher, integral hypnotherapist, inner child facilitator, and mental health researcher. The Self Discovery Series includes: I Love Who I Am: Self-Love For Kids, My Rainbow Body: An Intro to Chakras for Kids, and Sweet Dreams My Love: Bedtime Relaxation for Kids. J. O'Keefe lives in central Ohio with her family, and writes books when she is not walking their nature-loving dog.


My philosophy is simple: Surround children with the sound vibrations of love and you will create the building blocks of a loving human being. 


As a Hypnotherapist I witness the power of words in the creation of realities. Just as sound shapes matter, words will build a person's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 

As a mother and teacher I appreciate the role of rhymes in a child's retention of information. When you rhyme it, you remember it!

As a children's book writer I combine powerful loving words with catchy rhymes to offer good-vibration rhymes: the building blocks for raising a child to be the loving human being that they are.

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